Celebrating Cinco de mayo with your family and friends can be a source of great happiness and joy and if you add some extra Decorations to your celebration, it can have a great and positive impact on the strength of your relationships with your friends. Cinco de Mayo can be explained as May 5 1862 when Mexico had an astonishing victory over the French army. President Juarez declared to celebrate this wonderful victory by great pomp and show. This celebration is mostly made in the main town of Puebla, where the actual incident took place. However, it is also celebrated in the entire state.

Most people wear patriotic dresses and use colors and lights for expressing their immense love for this memorable day.


Cinco de mayo party decoration ideas


This memorable holiday is celebrated usually by arranging a party for family and friends. Sometimes, we can add Mexican flag colors to the walls and surroundings that create an attractive view.

Here in this article, we’re giving to help you create some wonderful and aesthetic decorations for celebrating Cinco de mayo. Just follow them up and you will add a lot of beauty to the atmosphere.


1: Decorate the walls with Mexican landscape

This kind of decoration will help you create a patriotic type of scenery that will make an attractive addition to the beauty of your party. You’ll get lots of inspiration when you visit some cloth stores where you will find a beautiful banner cloth to hang on the wall. The best thing that you can do to enrich the beauty of your Cinco de mayo party is to look for some cloth that is in the color of the Mexican flag. You’ll find no problem in cutting and making those clothes into a beautiful Mexican flag that you will hang onto the wall.

Mexican landscape
Mexican landscape

As another alternative, you can also make some beautiful paintings on the wall, which should reflect the traditions of Mexico


2: Use some of the best lightings for an attractive view

best lightings for cinco de mayo

You can easily enhance the beauty of your celebration if you do use some colorful and attractive lights. Or You can choose chili pepper garlands that you can decorate around the rooms or the area where you’ll be celebrating the party. if not then You can make use of some attractive colorful lights like red, white, or green lights that will add a charming look to the party.

You’ll easily find some best and attractive lights in your local hardware store for your Cinco de Mayo celebration.

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3: Cinco de Mayo table decorations

Cinco de Mayo table decorations

Decorating your tables for Cinco de mayo party is very important to have some great enjoyment with your loved ones at the party. The best thing that you can do about the tables is to make them closely appearing to the rest of the environment you made. In other words, This will make a beautiful match among everything at the party.

You can arrange some beautiful vases on the table having Mexican flowers for a wonderful table view. Besides, you can also add some small cactus plants to small pots.

Some wonderful ideas for table decoration in Cinco de mayo


Celebrations are celebrations, and they have to be enjoyed in a wonderful way. And when it comes to decoration, it should not only consist of a few balloons hanging from the ceilings. Instead, you have to focus on decorating each and everything, to have an attractive view.

Here I am going to give you some wonderful table decoration ideas that will take the beauty of your celebration to the next level.

  1. Arrange some candles in a specific pattern that you like. You will find a great number of attractive patterns on the internet to chose from.
  2. For table decoration, you can also tie the hydrogen-containing balloons to the surface of the table. The hydrogen will make the balloons flow into the air but as it will be tied to the table, the balloons will give a beautiful look tied to the table floating in the air.
  3. Researches had proved that colors do have a positive or negative impact on our minds. So if you make use of such colors for a table decoration that feels soothing to the mind, it will really help you to make the table more attractive for people.

4: Enhance your decoration by making paper lanterns

paper lanterns for cinco de mayo

By spending some time with your kids, making and preparing paper lanterns can have a positive and creative impact on their and your mind too besides adding beauty to Cinco de mayo party. You won’t need some expensive materials for all this stuff except some paper, cardboard, light, and ribbon for creating the best and attractive paper lanterns. Besides, they are also perfect for us to use in wedding ceremonies or other functions, etc.

How to make the best paper lanterns?

For making some best paper lanterns, that can greatly increase the beauty of your party follow the steps given below.

  • Gather all the necessary requirements that you’ll be needing to make paper lanterns like cardboard, paper, scissors, glue, and pencil.
  • Prepare the paper by cutting it according to the length of your choice.
  • Make the handle, using cardboard.
  • Arrange the paper and cardboard in a manner that adopts a shape of a bowl.
  • Attach the cardboard handle with the bowl-shaped paper, and here you made your beautiful paper lantern.
  • Just repeat these steps to make some more lanterns to add to your decoration.

The parting words


Happiness always lies inside us, and if we enjoy every little happiness our life will become more than pleasant. And when it comes to such celebrations that reflect the victorious glories of your nation, their celebrations can be a great way to express love and affection for your country. You can try out all the decoration ideas In addition chose the best ones that better suit your nature interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1:  How to make papel picado?

Papel Picado is a decoration which we can make from tissue paper for decorating churches etc. during festivals, You can use the different methods for making that papel picado and use it in your decoration for Cinco de mayo.

2: How to make Cinco de mayo decorations?

You can try different ways for decorating the surroundings for your Cinco de mayo party like decorating the walls. Similarly, adding beautiful light, and decorating the tables, etc.


3: What is a popular decoration made for Cinco de mayo?

Usually, most people decorate their surroundings using the colors of the Mexican flag, and some balloons for table decoration.


4: How to make Mexican decorations with tissue paper?

With tissue papers, you can show your great aesthetics by making some beautiful Mexican flowers that you can arrange in different ways to add to the beauty of your celebration.