This Cinco de Mayo preschoolers page is Ideas with preschool lesson plans as well as activities for a lot of interest learning facilities for the children of yours in-home or even in the preschool classroom.

I thought I will discuss many ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at home and in the classroom of yours.

10 Cinco de mayo Activities for Preschoolers to try

10 Cinco de Mayo Activities for Preschoolers or kids

  1. Dress Up

Dress Up for cinco de mayo

Vests and sombreros, dresses that twirl, along with blossoms behind the ear make rather the sense when combined with conventional Mexican music as well as decorations.

  1. Mexican Flowers

Decorations Mexican Tissue Pom Paper Flowers

The dahlia understands as Mexican Flower declared in 1963. The tubers had been developed as a food crop by the Aztecs, though this particular use mostly died away after the Spanish Conquest.

  • Attach a pipe cleaner in the middle of the folded tissue paper.
  • Gently separate each item of tissue paper from the other, and also TADA!
  • The class of mine love which makes them every time. The females set it in the hair of theirs.
  1. Sun Art

Cinco De Mayo - Sun Art for preschoolers

In honor of the Mexican society, we are able to commemorate these crucial Mexican holidays by doing an art activity that mirrors the Mexican tradition. Mexicans have a talent for the art form – along with a love of colors that are vibrant. A design that shows up often in Mexican art is pictures of the sunshine.

  1. Have a parade

Cinco De Mayo - Prade

Decorate bikes, scooters, tricycles, wagons as well as animals with streamers, silk flowers along balloons. Add a portable MP3player or stereo with speakers in the lead car and blast some enjoyable tunes as you circle the yard.

  1. Movies

Rent Cinco de Mayo: La Batalla (2013) on DVD and Blu-ray - DVD Netflix

have a movie or even 2 to help you understand as well as celebrate Cinco de Mayo for children!

10 films to watch on Cinco de mayo

You will find a few amazing family films here in addition to adult-oriented selections. Thus, be aware that not every selection are kid friendly.



  1. Make Puffy Tortillas

Cinco de mayo puffy tortillas

Your children are going to love this quick puffy tortilla formula from A Spicy Perspective. The flaky tortillas will completely update some dishes this Cinco de Mayo.

  1. Create DIY Maracas crafts

Cinco de Mayo Maracas | Cinco de mayo crafts

To make homemade musical instruments is such an enjoyable activity, children enjoy getting involved with decorating them then are very delighted to wear them and later making some music.

  1. Teach about Mexican history

Victory in the Civil War cinco de mayo - HISTORY

children ought to know why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Using children’s picture books as Fiesta Time! To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, can help teach children about the story of the celebration. Think about joining a neighborhood street fair or maybe a festival with genuine music and folk dancers to find out about the variety of Mexican culture.

  1. Make them draw on their own

Maracas Drawing Hat Mexican - Cinco De Mayo Drawing

The way they will go to Mexico or even of Whatever they will do in Mexico! Motivate the kids of yours to bring a photograph Write down the ideas of theirs and connect them to the photos theirs.

  1. Decorate Classroom

Cinco De Mayo Decorations for classroom | preschoolers

At Cinco de Mayo it’s easy to create a classroom of yours with colorful accessories you are able to make or even purchase! Order Cinco de Mayo resources as flags or maybe banners online; include Mexican folk art form as papel picado, also! Throw on some mariachi music, hang the piñata and get ready for a fiesta.

cinco de mayo ideas and activities for kids, preschoolers

These were 10 best ideas and activities for kids, preschoolers to try at least once in their childhood for this amazing event of Mexican victory on Cinco de mayo.