There are few Cinco de Mayo activities for first-grade kids read the full article and try these activities in the classroom.

Cinco de mayo activities for first grade

About Cinco de mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration held on May five.

In the United States, Cinco de Mayo has had a sign outside of that in Mexico. The U.S. day is now related to the celebration of Mexican American culture and Mexico, the commemoration of the fight will continue to be mainly ceremonial, like through military parades.

7 Activities for first grades kids

This Cinco de Mayo website will provide you with great resources to celebrate this Mexican holiday. Ideas within this section include resources such as Activities, foods, recipes, and lesson plans.

  1. Draw Mexican Flag

Draw the Mexican Flag

This is a fun and easy project for Cinco de Mayo which is especially unique for first grades. If you are a teacher then you must make them try this activity Kids will love drawing and coloring the flag.

  1. Make own words

Make own words for Cinco de mayo

Making own words on a particular event is another level of fun for kids.

  1. KWL Chart

KWL Chart for first grade

It is a chart on which kids can write (K) what they already know (W) What they want to know (L) What they have learned so this is also a fun activity.

  1. Paper Flowers

make paper flower

They are very easy-to-make craft that is perfect for a lot of holidays Like Cinco de mayo.

  1. Word search

Word Puzzles For Kids

This activity is called word search which you can try on almost all events you just have to make kids do the word search of that current event like “Cinco de mayo”

  1. History

cinco de mayo History

Tell kids about that great victory in a fun way. Students will compare and contrast the opposing viewpoints of the Mexican and French sides.

  1. Writing

writing for cinco de mayo
Cinco de mayo

Writing will be the most important activity for Cinco de mayo. Students will write 2 to 3 activities on what they will be doing after they leave for home.


So that’s all for 1st-grade students to try on the day of Cinco de mayo.